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Working Artist: Liam Prince

Resoursonance - resourceful music making

This workshop combines learning basic skills for making music with an awareness of our planet's abundant, yet limited, resources. Through discussions, images and practical exercises, we will explore how to use the resources we already have around us - from all kinds of material objects, to our human creativity and imagination - to make exciting music together. This workshop will show that great things can come from small beginnings, while leaving only the lightest footprint on our planet.

This workshop will be celebrated with a small demonstration at the lunchtime concert.

Liam Prince studied jazz drums at Te Kōkī NZ School of Music for four years before going on to develop a career performing and teaching diverse styles of music. Liam also has a Master of Music degree in musicology. Since July 2017, Liam and his partner have been travelling all over Aotearoa New Zealand with their project, The Rubbish Trip, giving free talks and presentations - based on over 3 years of living without a rubbish bin - about how individuals can reduce their household rubbish. 

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Earlier Event: October 31
Enviroschools Hub
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