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The Festival was financially supported by Central Otago District Council via a contract with Central Otago REAP ((Rural Education Activities Programme) to deliver a Sustainable Living Programme (SLP).  That funding was cancelled in July 2019.  We were dismayed that this decision was taken without public consultation.   Funding from the Vincent Community Board was also cancelled at this time

Prior to the SLP Promote Alexandra organised and managed it in the early 2000’s. 

The SLP funding provided for time and resources from REAP giving us coordinators for the event, run the booking system, organise venues . Without them and without REAP’s infrastructure even the many volunteers involved each year cannot produce this year’s Festival.

 The Thyme Festival Committee is taking time to regroup and look at its options.  Thyme Festival has evolved many times over the 28 years it has been running, so we will evolve again.

Explore the history and highlights of the festival, and give us feedback about what should happen next.



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Thanks to our sponsors


Central Otago REAP, Vincent Community Board, 

Local Radio Central 91.9FM, Central Otago District Council - Waste Minimization,

Alexandra Community Arts Council - CLASS Funding, 

Alexandra Community House,

Lend a Hand Foundation

and thank you to...

Central Stories Museum & Art Gallery, SPCA Otago, New World Alexandra, Alexandra Youth Base, Henderson's Cycles and Mowers,

Alexandra Garden Club, Clyde Railhead Community Eco Nursery, Haehaeata Natural Heritage Trust, The Fridge, Cherry Tree Farm, DOC.

And all the wonderful people who contribute your time, expertise, and support.