Evolution of Thyme Festival

  • First steps: Helena Heydelaar wanted to celebrate Spring and Thyme blossom so in the spring of 1991 came the first Alexandra Thyme Festival, an innovative potpourri of art, cooking and celebration of everything thyme and Otago. NZ Geographic Sep-Oct 2006 Article

  • The Festival became more arts and crafts focused

  • The Festival always had a sustainability focus.    It created learning opportunities by using conversations and the act of doing, and sharing knowledge from Alexandra people to Alexandra people

  • Community Groups became involved

  • More recently The Thyme Festival articulated 4 themes for Cherishing our Environment: of Well being, Arts, Craft and Sustainability.  The Thyme Festival aimed to develop our skills of a sustainable, healthy, creative community.

  • The Festival sought solutions to climate change and to support resilience in our changing environment. The Festival raised awareness and provided tools for change by showcasing leading solutions to the ecological and social challenges we face and exemplified sustainable practices.  We sought transformational change